FAQ on integration of FSI's activities into Finance Montreal

On May 29th, members voted at a Special Assembly to accept a Board resolution to proposing the integration of FSI’s activities into those of Finance Montréal under a negotiated agreement.

What is going to happen ?

  • June 30th, 2018: all assets of FSI (including logo and brand) transferred to Finance Montréal (FM)
  • After that: dissolution of FSI
  • FSI will work with the current Responsible Investment Work Group of FM
  • Renamed: “Finance and Sustainability Initiative of Finance Montréal” (FSI-FM)
  • Integration approved by both boards of FSI and FM

Why FSI integrates FM ?

  • Growing interest of members for FSI activities
  • Conclusion of the strategic review: need to change the operating mode to continue delivering relevant content on a regular basis and meet the needs of the local financial community
  • Research for solutions to sustain these activities
  • FM mission: develop and promote Québec’s financial services industry
  • Responsible Investment Work Group was in transformational phase
  • FM has resources and experience to organize events and create relevant content

What does it change for our members ?

  • FSI members will become “supporters” of FSI-FM
  • No membership fee
  • Current members will have free access to an event of FSI-FM next season
  • For following events: reasonable pricing, similar to what was offered so far

What does it change for our sponsors ?

  • Current agreements for the 2017/2018 season will be honored as last event (June 12th) will occur before the dissolution (June 30th)
  • FM is open to enter into new agreements for upcoming seasons

Are the activities of FSI-FM going to change/evolve ?

Programming will follow historical activities:

  • Competition for Best Sustainability Report
  • Scholarship for Best Research on Responsible Investment
  • Keynote Events
  • Deep Dives
  • Sustainable Investment Professional Certification

New elements:

  • ESG integration in FM case studies
  • Steps to integrate the network of Financial Centres for Sustainability

How much resources will be allocated by FM ?

Estimated budget dedicated to FSI-FM for the next 2 years including:

  • 2 resources 10h/week
  • 1 ressource 10h/month
  • Another resource part-time
  • anticipated decrease in sponsorship amounts
  • sum for education studies and projects

How FSI-FM will be managed and how it will operate ?

  • Steering committee made of 10 members (5 nominated by FM and 5 nominated by FSI) responsible to carry out the mission of FSI-FM
  • Will rely on FM resources
  • Specific communication plan
  • Senior FM spokesperson appointed to communicate key messages at events and to the media