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The FSI brings together individuals dedicated to promoting sustainable finance and, more specifically, responsible investment to financial institutions, companies, and universities.

Why become a member?

  • Networking – Benefit from the FSI’s unique platforms to exchange with dynamic individuals from across the spectrum who share a common interest in responsible investment and who are active in this field.
  • Information – Stay informed of the evolution in responsible investment principles and best practices and contribute to promoting the integration of responsible investment and sustainable development by participating in thematic conferences and workshops.
  • Engagement – Help to promote the adoption of responsible investment and sustainable development and give a voice to their practitioners.

Membership categories
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Registration as group member – $500.00 per year
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Any organization (company, fnancial institution, non-proft organization, etc.) interested in promoting the objectives of the FSI, having similar objectives or wishing to demonstrate its support of the FSI.

To register as a group member, please contact us at

An organization that sponsors the FSI for an amount greater than the annual dues of $500 is entitled to a group membership at no extra cost.

Group members can register up to ten individuals as associate members of the FSI.


Other Benefits of membership

FSI events are offered at reduced prices or free for regular members.

FSI members benefit from a 20% discount  on SIPC (Sustainable Investment Professional Certification) tuition fees.